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5 things to keep in mind when choosing for shipment insurance
5 things to keep in mind when choosing for shipment insurance

Everything you need to know about shipment insurance

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  1. In order to be able to prove that your package has been packaged properly in the event of damage or loss, we advise you to take photographs during the packaging process. Therefore make photographs of at least the inner and outer packaging on which the product that you want to send is visible. 

  2. In the event of any damage, the insurance also checks whether you have properly packaged the shipment. Therefore, make sure that you have packed the packaging according to the packaging guidelines. Read the packaging guidelines here.

  3. You must be able to demonstrate that the specified value is correct by means of, for example, a purchase invoice. You can not claim more than the amount you entered during the booking.

  4. Documents can be insured up to a maximum of € 400.

  5. You insure your shipment against theft, damage and loss. Please note that you have submitted a claim to us within 8 working days after delivery of your shipment. After these 8 working days we can unfortunately no longer submit the claim.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the insurance.

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