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Are your goods stackable?
Are your goods stackable?
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Yes, my pallet is stackable

If your pallet is stackable, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The pallet should be complete

  2. Make sure the top is flat and evenly spaced from the pallet.

  3. Other goods, up to 400 kg, must be stackable.

  4. The goods must be anchored and secured to the pallet.

  5. The height (pallet + goods) does not exceed 120 cm

No, my pallet is non-stackable

This means that your goods cannot be placed on or under other goods. This way, the entire pallet space for your goods is booked. It is always important that the goods are properly secured to the pallet and anchored to prevent damage or loss. A pallet is automatically considered non-stackable if it is higher than 120 cm.

Incorrect indication as to whether or not the goods can be stacked may incur additional costs.

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